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In 1963 Spencer Davis was reading German at Birmingham University and playing solo Blues guitar spots at The Golden Eagle. The Winwood Brothers were in their Muff Woody Jazz Band and Pete York was working at GKN in what he delights in calling The Screw Department. When Spencer, Steve and Muff decided to form a band and recruited Pete, they called it, somewhat unimaginatively, The Rhythm and Blues Quartette. They met young music producer, Chris Blackwell who had just founded The Island Music Company. They did the deal on a handshake, a matter that was to come back to haunt them, expensively, many years later. Chris suggested a name-change. Muff suggested The Spencer Davis Group based on the logical premise that Spence was articulate, and the others could stay in bed while he did the interviews. The fact that Steve was the band’s featured singer, played piano, organ and guitar magnificently, and was to develop into an important songwriter was not considered. Four short years, 9 singles, 3 albums and 4 EPs later, Steve Winwood left to form Traffic.