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All Prints are produced to a limited edition of 100 and signed by Jim Simpson.
Prints are only available in one size. Print size – 558 x 443mm   Paper size – 609 x 570mm.
Unless otherwise specified, all prints are archival digital prints on Somerset 100% Cotton 255gsm paper. 

In stock


Fans of LITTLE RICHARD, accustomed to his demonic vocals, unhinged live performances and his wildly rocking singles, must have been disconcerted by his decision in 1957 to quit the music business to become a minister of the church. Apparently taking fright on a flight during a tour of Australia, he prayed to God and promised that if the plane landed safely he would change his ways. The clincher came a few weeks later when a plane in which he was scheduled to have flown in, crashed. He entered Oakwood College in Alabama, received a BA and was ordained a minister in the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. His record company tried to keep his conversion a secret, issuing earlier unreleased tracks, but in 1959 gave way and released his first religious album God Is Real. In 1962, Rock and Roll bit back, Richard released Bama Lama Bama Boo and went back on the road, performing as wildly as ever. However, his attachment to the church never did leave him. However, he often stressed his attachment, preaching and singing gospel.