All Prints are produced to a limited edition of 100 and signed by Jim Simpson.
Prints are only available in one size. Print size – 558 x 443mm   Paper size – 609 x 570mm.
Unless otherwise specified, all prints are archival digital prints on Somerset 100% Cotton 255gsm paper.

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It’s clear from the parlous state of today’s record industry that we are never again going to hear another great album of the likes of The Band. Let it Bleed or Exile On Main Street. The necessary investment would never be recouped. But, Exile On Main Street by THE ROLLING STONES is far more than just an album. It is simply one of the great recordings of all time. Nearly three years in the making, recording in London, South of France and in Los Angeles, it was a momentous undertaking involving fifteen musicians and eight backing singers. By the spring of 1971, the Stones had spent the money they owed in taxes and left Britain before the government could seize their assets. Mick settled in Paris, Keith rented a villa near Nice where they parked The Stones Mobile Recording Unit and the rest of the band settled in the vicinity. For a month they worked every night from eight in the evening until three in the morning, though “not everyone turned up every night”, said Charlie. They persevered and nailed it. Perfectly. Eighteen sublime tracks, possibly their greatest artistic achievement.