All Prints are produced to a limited edition of 100 and signed by Jim Simpson.
Prints are only available in one size. Print size – 558 x 443mm   Paper size – 609 x 570mm.
Unless otherwise specified, all prints are archival digital prints on Somerset 100% Cotton 255gsm paper.

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Lewis Brian Hopkins Jones, born in Cheltenham in 1942, the founder and original bandleader of the Rolling Stones was known to the world as BRIAN JONES. Jagger and Richards soon overshadowed him in the band as his drug problems diminished his role, and he became more difficult to work with. Bill Wyman said, “Brian formed the band. He chose the members. He named the band. He chose the music we played. He got us gigs, he was very influential and very important, and then slowly lost it.” Brian Jones has never been properly recognised for his part in creating possibly the greatest rock band of our time, and he was asked to leave the band in June 1969. Precisely twenty five days later, the body of Brian Jones was found in his swimming pool. His death has never been properly explained and the murder theories abound. He was 27. Jimi Hendrix dedicated a song to him on U.S. television. Jim Morrison of The Doors published a poem. Within two years, both Hendrix and Morrison had died. They were also 27.